Gwrandawiad 2

Hearing Session 2: Housing (policy, numbers and phasing) - Tuesday 26 June 2012

Issues and matters to be discussed

Examination Statements

Examination Statements
Reference Document Name   Submitted By  
ES2.1  Vacant Housing Paper  Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council (BGCBC)

Welsh Government Position Statement - Hearing Session 2  Housing 

Welsh Government  
ES2.3  Examination Statement Hearing Session 2  Home Builders Federation (HBF) 
ES2.4  Examination Statement Hearing Session 2 DTZ on behalf of Questedge 
ES2.5  Examination Statement - Hearing Session 2 Housing (PDF) BGCBC  

Matters Arising

Matters Arising
 Reference Document Name Submitted By
MA2 Matters Arising From Hearing Session 2 (PDF) Inspector
MA2.1 Reviewed Table 5 of SD44 (PDF) BGCBC
MA2.3 Examples of Housing Density on Completed Sites Within BG (PDF) BGCBC
MA2.R Matters Arising Response (PDF) BGCBC
MA2.1 Response to MA2.1 (PDF) DTZ on behalf of Questedge
MA2.3 Response to MA2.3 (PDF) DTZ on behalf of Questedge
MA2.1 Response to MA2.1 (PDF) Welsh Government
MA2.3 Response to MA2.3 (PDF) Welsh Government