Admissions appeals

What happens if your child is refused a place?

In the majority of cases children are offered places at their first choice of school.  If your child is unable to gain admission at the first choice then you will need to decide whether you are willing to accept a place offered at a different school, or whether you wish to appeal the decision at an Independent Appeal Panel.  This panel will judge whether the school is full and, should that be the case, whether the parents’ application is so strong that the child should be offered a place. 

How to appeal

You may make a formal appeal against the decision, and this must be received within 10 working days of you being notified of the decision not to admit your child to your chosen school. The appeal will be heard by an Independent Appeal Panel who will set a time and place for the hearing. The panel will allow parents an opportunity to appear and make their representations (oral and/or written).  Parents are advised that agencies such as SNAP and ACE are available to provide assistance in making appeals.

Parents are advised that: 

  1. They may elect not to attend the appeal meeting and, instead, allow the appeal to be considered on a written statement.
  2. The appeal will be decided on the information available if, having failed to give a reasonable explanation, they do not appear.
  3. They will be given at least 10 working days (from the day of posting) written notice of the meeting of the Appeals Panel
  4. They are welcome to be accompanied by a friend, or represented by a solicitor. 

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