Changing schools

Changing schools within the Academic Year is a significant step for a child, but we understand that such a decision may be unavoidable, and in the first instance we would ask that you first discuss this with the child’s present headteacher.

If, following this discussion, you still wish to transfer your child to a new school please contact the Education Transformation Team on 01495 355493, and we will supply you with a transfer application form.

Primary Schools

If there is a suitable vacancy, a child will be admitted to the school. Classes may include more than one age group in which case the headteacher will have the task of allocating the child a place in the most appropriate class.

From September 2001 the Government limited the number of children able to attend infant classes and reception classes to a maximum of 30 pupils. This could result in no suitable vacancy being available.

Secondary Schools

There may be strong educational reasons why a transfer should not take place which parents need to consider, particularly in the case of pupils in Years 10 and 11 where pupils have already begun examination courses. 

Where a request relates to a pupil in year 10 or 11, details of the option courses being taken must be provided. 

Although the admission number in the child’s age group may not have been reached it may not be possible to offer the child’s current options.

If the relevant year is able to accommodate the child and the published admission number will not be exceeded then the child should be admitted to the school.

For further information contact:  01495 355493 or email:

Click the following link to obtain a School Transfer Application

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