Gwrandawiad 5

Hearing Session 5: Six Bells Colliery Site (Sites H1.14 and ED1.2) and Parc Arrael Griffin (Site AS (N) 23)) - Wednesday 27 June 2012

Issues and matters to be discussed

Examination Statements

Examination Statements
ReferenceDocument Name  Submitted by 
ES5.1Revised Stage 3 SFCA for Six Bells (PDF)Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

Environment Agency Wales Statement Session 5: Six Bells Colliery Site  (PDF)

Environment Agency Wales  

Response to Housing Six Bells Colliery Site H1.14 and Warm Turn, Six Bells H1.15 (PDF)

Mr A Thomas  

Examination Statement from Six Bells Communities First  (PDF)

Six Bells Communities First (SBCF)


Statement of Common Ground between Mr Peter Adamson and Six Bells Communities First  (PDF)

Mr Peter Adamson  

ES5.6 Examination Statement Hearing Session 5 - Six Bells Colliery Site (PDF)BGCBC 
ES5.7E-mail sent to Programme Officer (PDF)Mair Sheen
ES5.8Response on ES5.7 (PDF)BGCBC

Matters Arising


Matters Arising
ReferenceSubmitted By
MA5Matters Arising from Hearing Session 5(PDF)Inspector
MA5.RMatters Arising Response (PDF)BGCBC