Youth Service Ambassador's Scheme (YAM)

YAM stands for Young Ambassador, and is a new Youth Services project that will start in December 2015. We are looking to recruit a number of YAMs to represent the Youth Service and projects within it. 

As a Youth Service YAM you will be in place for 12 months and expected to attend meetings, help direct the work of the Youth Service, and be the voice for young people. 

You can choose and apply to become a YAM for 1 of the following areas: 

  • NEET (NOT IN EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT OR TRAINING) – The YAM for this area will represent young people who are 14+ and are part of projects such as Prevent, Oasis and Lift
  • Open Access – The YAM for this area will represent young people aged 11 – 25 who can attend a Youth Service activity off their own back such as Youth Clubs, Open 4 Youth, and Detached.
  • Hot Topics – The YAM for this area will represent young people who require help or information from Youth Service and projects such as Sexual Health, Counselling and Support Groups.
  • Training – The YAM for this area will represent any training that the Youth Service provides to young people such as Young Rep Volunteers, Youth Work training, DofE.
  • Youth Information – The YAM for this area will represent the information the Youth Service provides and projects such as The BYG, Facebook and Website.
  • Youth Service – The YAM for this area will represent the Youth Service as a whole and the young people it works with.  


As a YAM what will I do? 

YAMs are expected to represent their chosen area and provide guidance to the staff on issues affecting young people, help with future ideas and be the voice for other young people. YAMs are also expected to act as role models, help recruit more young people to their areas and attend meetings every so often. 

Each YAM will need to be dedicated, want to get involved, and not afraid to speak up for others. 

What are the benefits of applying and becoming a YAM? 

Becoming a YAM is a prestigious position. You will have been selected to represent a group of young people. For doing this it will look good on your CV and give you vital experience which can may help you get a job or go to further education in the future. You will also gain qualifications, make new friends, make important decisions along with other possible rewards such as trips and activities.

Contact Information

Greg Morgan 

Telephone: 01495 355674 / 07970 208727 

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