How to Apply

If you are planning any building or demolition work in Blaenau Gwent, you must: 

The planning portal provides further advice and can be used to apply for planning permission. Help guides are also available on the website. 

You can also download planning forms and return them to:

Development Management, General Offices, Steelworks Road, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, NP23 6DN

Types of Application Forms

Building work on your house

For work around your house, including:

  • Building changes
  • Building a new structure 

You will need the following:

Other building work including alterations to existing buildings and new build development 

You will need the following:

Other planning forms: 

Outline Planning Permission

Outline planning permission may sometimes be appropriate when you need an agreement ‘in principle’ about your planned development, without having to commit to specific, design or layout. 

There are 2 types of outline planning applications:

The reserved matters are: appearance, landscaping, access, layout and scale. 

Reserved matters following outline approval

Reserved matters following outline approval. If you have secured outline planning permission (with some or all matters reserved) you will need to apply within a specified timeframe to get permission for the matters that were reserved, before you start work. Help guide 

Application to Discharge a Condition

An application to discharge a condition is needed when a condition in the planning permission or listed building consent requests additional information. The details or documents you have been asked for need to be submitted for approval in accordance with stated timescales. The help guide offers more information about filling in the application form. 

Non material amendment

Non-material amendment to an existing planning permission is for when you need to amend details previously approved such as a minor change of design or materials used on a project. Help guide 

Removal or variation of condition following grant of planning permission

Removal or variation of condition following grant of planning permission is for when you have already been granted planning permission but would like to remove or change a condition of the permission, for example to make minor material amendments to approved plans. Help guide 

Demolishing buildings

If you want to demolish your house, or other building, agreement on the details of how you plan to carry out the demolition and how you propose to restore the site afterwards will be required. There are certain procedures that you must adhere to prior to demolishing a building – Prior Notification Procedure. 

There is more information on the Planning Portal website. 

Displaying adverts

If you want to display an advert, such as: 

  • Shop or business signage (with or without illuminations)
  • Hoardings
  • Hanging / projecting signs
  • Flags 

You may be required to apply for Advertisement Consent. More information can be found in the help guide 

If your building is in a conservation area

If you are planning to demolish a building or structure in a conservation area you will need to apply for Conservation Area Consent for demolition. You can use the help guide when completing a form. 

Listed buildings

You must apply for Listed Building Consent if you are planning any demolition, alteration or extension which affects the character and settings of a statutory listed building. There is more information about filling in the application form in the help guide

Existing - Lawful Development Certificate (LDC)

If you own a piece of land or building and it is currently being used for an activity – such as to run a business - you can apply for a certificate which will confirm that the use / development is lawful. This is called a Lawful Development Certificate

This can be useful if you are trying to sell land / property but find out that planning permission was never granted and you want to satisfy any potential buyers that an extension or an action or business taking place is lawful. To gain a certificate you would be required to provide evidence to support such an application and to demonstrate that either planning permission was not required or the works have become lawful due to their existence for a specified period of time. 

Proposed – Lawful Development Certificate

If you are proposing to erect a building or for a specific use, you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed development or use. Use the help guide when filling in the form. Approval of such an application provides a formal determination that planning permission would not be required for the development / use. 

Owners’ notice - and what to do if the owner is unknown

If building work is planned the owner of the land, buildings or site must be told, this is called giving notice. The owner of the site is the freeholder or leaseholder (if there is at least seven years of the leasehold left). Alternative procedures are available for situations where the landowner is known and owners of part or the entire site are unknown. 

Complete an Owners Notice Form. You can contact us for more details or visit the Planning Portal website. 

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