Application Types

There are two types of Building Regulations Application:-

  • A Full Plans application
  • A Building Notice Application.

There is also an application for work already carried out :-

  • A Regularisation Application

Full Plans

This option involves the submission of detailed plans and specifications for the proposed works.  The plans are checked in detail and a decision issued within 5 weeks.  This may be extended to 8 weeks if agreed by the applicant.

The application should contain:

  • Detailed drawings of the existing / proposed works
  • A site location plan, to scale, showing the proposal and site boundaries and the position of public sewers
  • A copy of any specification accompanying the drawings
  • If the application is subject to the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, fire safety drawings must be included showing: fire resistance, compartmentation, fire detection and alarms, emergency lighting, means of escape and signage
  • Structural design and calculations
  • A completed application form and appropriate fee and, if necessary, an estimated cost of the works

Download a Building Regulations application form.

Building Notice

A Building Notice application involves providing details of the application on the Building Notice Form.  No formal decision is issued only an acknowledgement of the Building Notice.

Building Notice applications must include:

  • A completed Building Notice Form
  • If the proposal is for a new building or extension, a plan drawn to scale showing : location and boundaries of site
  • The appropriate fee and estimate if required

A Building Notice is most suitable for small, domestic developments, although they can be used for new houses and extensions.  If you are in any doubt, please contact us for further advice.

A Building Notice should not be used for:

  • Any building subject to fire safety legislation i.e. most commercial, industrial and retail premises.
  • Houses fronting onto private streets (this excludes most new houses); and
  • A building or extension that is over or within three meters of a public sewer.

You may be required to submit plans or calculations with a Building Notice application to show that the Building Regulations are being complied with.  This would also apply if the work being carried out is not straight forward, such as loft conversion.

Download a Building Regulations application form.


You can apply for regularisation - approval for work already carried out without consent.  Only work carried out after 11 November 1985 can be approved in this way.

How it works

  • The application can be used for any building type but can only be applied to any unauthorised works carried out on or after 11 November 1985
  • The works are inspected on site
  • In some cases areas may need to be opened up to confirm compliance to the building regulations that applied when it was originally done
  • Once deposited the application is valid until complete
  • A Regularisation certificate is issued upon satisfactory conclusion of the works
  • A single fee is payable when the application is submitted
  • VAT is not payable for this service

If you would like advice on the above information, contact Building Control:-

Telephone: 01495 355521/29