Applying for a Badge

You can apply online, over the telephone or in person.

Apply online for a blue badge (via

Contact C2BG on 01495 311556 or visit the Civic Centre for a hard copy application.

Once we have received your application please await a response from us and do not post any personal information as we cannot accept liability for items that may be lost or damaged in the post.

Proof of Identity

You must provide one of the following forms of identification, which must be verified by a person who has known you for over 2 years and Is not a family member or friend :

  • ​Birth or adoption certificate
  • Civil partnership/dissolution certificate
  • Marriage/divorce certificate
  • Current passport
  • Valid driving license  

Proof of address

You must provide a copy of one of the following as proof of address:

  • Confirmation letter from social services
  • Council tax bill dated within last 12 months
  • Valid driving license

We also require a recent passport sized photograph. The photograph must be the same standard as those supplied for use on passports and your name should be shown clearly on the back

What evidence can I provide to support my application?

Proof of eligibility. These are different for automatic and discretionary eligibility and are outlined in the Welsh Government Blue Badge Eligibility Criteria.

There is no charge for the initial blue badge issued for persons permanently resident in Wales.


Badges must be renewed every three years. We will send you a reminder letter as long as we have been informed of any address changes that may have occurred within the last 3 years.

Lost or Stolen Badges

If your badge has been lost or stolen, you can phone 01495 311556 or visit the Civic Centre, Ebbw Vale to request a lost or stolen application form.

The lost badge will be cancelled immediately to prevent anyone else from using it.

You will be charged £10 for a replacement blue badge regardless of the circumstances under which it has been lost.

Please return hard copy applications to:

Blue Badge Section,
Blaenau Gwent Council
Civic Centre,
Ebbw Vale,
NP23 6XB

Contact Information

Telephone Number: 01495 311556
Address: Blue Badge Section, C2BG, Civic Centre,  Ebbw Vale, NP23 6XB
Email Address: