Collection of Cardboard

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, which saw many people working from home and the closure of the Authority's Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC), in New Vale, the Authority saw a substantial increase in the volume of cardboard residents were placing out for collection at the kerbside. In line with the additional funding Welsh Government provided to Local Authorities to deal with the effects of the pandemic, the Authority deployed additional resources to collect this excess/bulky cardboard.

We have since seen the removal of all restrictions following the outbreak of the Pandemic, including the reopening of both of the Authority's HWRC's in Roseheyworth and New Vale, without restrictions, together with the removal of additional funding provided by Welsh Government, the Authority has reluctantly made the decision to remove the vehicle it was deploying on a daily basis to collect excess/bulky cardboard, and only collect cardboard that is presented in the dedicated “cardboard sack” supplied by the Council. This decision reflected the Departmental budget available for the collection of waste and recycling. It should also be noted that in the majority of instances, the excess/bulky cardboard being collected by the additional vehicle that was being deployed had not been broken down and would not fit into the dedicated recycling collection vehicles cardboard compartment.

In line with the above, crews will now only collect cardboard that has been broken down and placed in the dedicated cardboard sack provided by the Council. Should you need additional “cardboard sacks” please request these via My Council Services or by calling C2BG on 01495 311556.

For information as to how recycle correctly, please visit the following link: