Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny ensures transparency in the democratic process by providing an independent and impartial way in which decisions are taken for the Council and the public.  The Scrutiny function includes a wide range of members across all political parties and geographical wards to bring wider experience and views to the Council’s policy development and service improvement activities.

It is an equal and critical part of the decision making process, and is vital in maintaining public confidence. Scrutiny Committees cannot make decisions on behalf of the Council but they can ensure that those that do so, are making robust decisions in the right way.

Each year a forward work programme is developed for each of the Council’s Scrutiny Committee.   Blaenau Gwent currently has five Scrutiny Committees:

  • Corporate Overview Scrutiny Committee
  • Social Services Scrutiny Committee
  • Education & Learning Scrutiny Committee
  • Regeneration Scrutiny Committee
  • Community Services

Scrutiny/Regulatory Committees 2020 - 2021

Chair & Vice-Chair Corporate Overview Scrutiny Committee 

Chair: Councillor S. Healy

Vice-Chair: Councillor M. Cook

Chair & Vice-Chair Social Services Scrutiny Committee 

Chair: Councillor S. C. Thomas

Vice-Chair: Councillor K. Rowson

Chair & Vice-Chair Education & Learning Scrutiny Committee 

Chair: Councillor H. Trollope

Vice-Chair: Councillor J. Holt

Chair & Vice-Chair Regeneration Scrutiny Committee

Chair: Councillor J. Hill

Vice-Chair: Councillor P. Edwards

Chair & Vice-Chair Community Services Scrutiny Committee

Chair: Councillor M. Moore

Vice-Chair: Councillor C. Meredith

Chair & Vice-Chair Planning, Regulatory General Licensing Committee 

Chair: Councillor D. Hancock

Vice-Chair: Councillor W. Hodgins

Chair & Vice-Chair Democratic Services Committee 

Chair: Councillor M. Cross

Vice-Chair: Councillor B. Summers

Chair and Vice Chair Audit Committee

Chair: TBA

Vice Chair: Councillor S. Healy

The latest reports and agendas for all of the Council’s Scrutiny Committees are available to download.

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