Request Recycling Equipment & Refuse Bins

Unfortunately we are unable to accept or deliver any new orders for the following items:

  • Whole Troliboc System
  • Troliboc Trolley Only
  • Troliboc Boxes for Plastic, Glass and Cardboard
  • Troliboc Red, Blue and Green Lids
  • Troliboc Red and Green Flaps
  • Troliboc Paper Box and Lid

Multi Boxes - Due to a delay in the delivery of multi boxes by the manufacturer, we are currently unable to deliver these items. As soon as these items are received, the website will be updated accordingly. Any current requests for multi boxes will be replaced by a hessian sacks as an alternative.

Lids - Unfortunately, our supplier has informed us that they are no longer manufacturing green and blue lids for our multi boxes. We are currently sourcing an alternative supplier and once further information is available the website will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your co-operation!

What can you order?

You can still order individual boxes and lids, hessian sacks, cardboard hessian sacks, small and large food caddies, green waste sacks, yellow hygiene/nappy sacks and wheelie bins.

Recycling your batteries from home - collect the small, reusable white bag for batteries from your nearest Community Hub, which is located centrally in all local libraries managed by the Aneurin Leisure Trust.

We will continue to update this web-page as more items become available.

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Before you start

To register for a collection, you will need your My Services username and password or alternatively create an account from the login screen.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your order, we will send you an email to confirm. We aim to deliver your order on the next available date for your area.

If you need to cancel or make a change

You can change or cancel your order by adding a note via the ‘My Reports’ section of the mobile app or Customer Portal. You can also email us or ring our Contact Centre on 01495 311556.

If you need help

If you have any questions on ordering Recycling equipment and bins, please email us or ring our Contact Centre on 01495 311556