School governors

School Governors

Arrangements in Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

Governing Body Arrangements for all schools within Blaenau Gwent are Commissioned via the Education Achievement Service through a Service Level Agreement.  However, there is one exception, the Governing Body of Ebbw Fawr 3-16 Learning Community where they are responsible for the overarching structure of their Governing Body.

This means that the recruitment of any School Governor, or clerking the school Governing Body meetings are undertaken with the EAS and individual School.  If anyone is interested in becoming a School Governor you would be able to contact Education Achievement Service at


What does a governor do?

  • Attends meetings, committees and perhaps take part in small working parties from time to time
  • Visits the school
  • Has a link role to an area of the school’s work, ie Literacy
  • Participates in decision making of the governing body
  • Undertakes training and development

Why become a school governor?

  • To contribute to education by supporting the school community, helping to raise standards of education, and ensuring young people have the best outcomes possible
  • To develop existing skills and learn new ones
  • To meet new people and work together to support the school community
  • To gain knowledge of the education system

Who can be a school governor?

  • Anyone can be a school governor if you are over 18 and show an interest in the school, what is happening in education and the local community.
  • The role does require a time commitment, so if you are interested you need to consider how much time you’ll need to attend governing body meetings and committee meetings.

What are the benefits of being a school governor?

  • Having an active role in ensuring pupils at the school get the best possible education
  • Giving something back to the community
  • Training and support to help you fulfil your duties
  • New skills which may be useful elsewhere – teamwork, financial and strategic planning, recruitment and interviewing skills


What do I do next to become a governor?

If you are interested in becoming a school governor, then the first point of contact should be the school where you would like to be a governor of and complete the application form below.

Alternatively, advice can be sought from the Education Department or by contacting the Education Achievement Service at

Contact Information

For further information visit the EAS website

To contact a member of the Governor Support Team please contact:
Email:  (Governor Support Services)

Telephone: 02920-753685 (Governor Wales)