The Benefits of being Bilingual

Evidence base research has shown that being bilingual has many benefits, some of which are noted below:


  • Achieve higher in the curriculum and perform better in exams
  • Learning a second language at an early age helps children develop an ear for languages as they get older
  • Children in Welsh-medium education do just as well, if not better, in English as children in English Medium education.
  • Can improve brain power, keeping your brain healthy and sharp. It can improve your Child’s multitasking skill, attention control problem solving and creativity.


  • Improves competitiveness in the job market
  • Extra skill to put on your application form

Bilingual people earn an average of 11% more


  • Increases awareness of other cultures
  • Raising children bilingually may help them acknowledge their culture and heritage as well as develop a strong personal identity.
  • Improve social life, speaking a second language opens up a whole new range of social opportunities and can enhance your social skills and confidence.


  • Recent studies have revealed that bilingual people’s brains age more slowly and therefore they live longer and more satisfying lives.

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