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The Childcare Offer for Wales (30 hours Childcare) – Update July 2022

The Childcare Offer for Wales will be opening again for applications during July, August and September.
Parents whose child becomes eligible for the Offer in September (child turned three before 31 August 2019) will be able to apply from 4 July.  Please note funding cannot be received until the application has been completed and a start date issued. Funding will not be backdated.  

What is the Childcare Offer for Wales?

The Childcare Offer will provide working parents with 30 hours of early education and childcare for three and four-year-olds, for up to 48 weeks per year. The offer will build on children’s existing early education entitlement during term time, and provide 30 hours of childcare for nine weeks of the holidays.

What does it mean for me as a provider?

Providing you are registered with CIW, you could receive funding for eligible children accessing the offer in your setting.

Do I need to be based in a pilot area to be involved in the early implementation of the offer?

No. Parents need to be eligible and live in a pilot area to access the offer. However the childcare element of the offer is down to parental choice and can be delivered by any registered childcare setting, regardless of location.

Do I need to deliver the Foundation Phase to deliver the childcare element of the offer?

No. Some children will continue to access early education in maintained settings. Childcare providers do not need to deliver both the early education and childcare elements of the offer.

Do I need to be able to deliver the offer for 48 weeks per year to take part?

No. Parents can access the offer through different providers that best suit their circumstances. Providers who only offer term-time provision, or provision only the in school holidays, can still deliver the offer, depending on the needs of the parents.

How much will I get paid?

All providers will receive a rate of £5.00 per hour for children receiving the childcare element of the offer.

Can I charge parents a top-up rate?

No. You cannot charge hourly top-up rates if you’d normally charge more than £5.00 per hour.

Can I charge for food and additional activities?

Yes. If necessary, you can charge parents for additional elements such as food, transport and off-site activities which incur a cost. The Welsh Government guidelines in respect of setting additional fees under the offer for a full day care session (approximately 10 hours) are that parents should not be charged more than £9.00 per day (this would include three meals at £2.50 per meal and 2 snacks at a charge of 75p per snack). For a half day session (approximately 5.5 hours) parents should not be charged more than £5.75 (two meals at £2.50 per meal plus a snack at a charge of 75p per snack). For sessional care where a meal is not provided but children receive a snack, guidelines are that parents should not be charged more than 75p per day for snack provision.

How will I get paid?

Monthly on receipt of a fully completed and validated attendance sheet.

How do I take part?

In order to deliver the offer, please complete the Provider Agreement Form and return to the Childcare Offer team via email to

Or by post to:

Childcare Offer Team

Blaina Integrated Children’s Centre

High Street


NP13 3BN