If there is a Flood

  • If you are in a life threatening situation, call the emergency services on 999
  • To report a problem and request information about such things as sandbags, contact 01495 311556.
  • If you are concerned about a vulnerable person contact 01495 311556.  

During a flood

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) provide detailed information about what to do in the event of flooding. 


How to get sandbags. 

Blaenau Gwent can provide sandbags to help prevent flooding to a property. However, we do not routinely provide sand bags except in cases of emergency. This is when our resources are most stretched and although every effort will be made to attend to properties in danger of flooding the provision of sandbags cannot be guaranteed. For this reason those who have past experience of flooding are encouraged to make their own arrangements to protect their properties. Practical advice on how to make your own sandbags to protect your home can be found on the sandbag information sheet.

To request sandbag delivery call 01495 311556. There will be a charge for the provision, delivery and placement of sandbags, except in circumstances where it is deemed that a flood at the location could not reasonably have been anticipated and/or it would have been unreasonable to have expected the individual to have prepared for the protection of their property prior to the flood event.   

Stay alert to localised flooding

'Localised flooding' is also known as 'surface water flooding'. This usually occurs where drainage systems are unable to cope with heavy spells of rainfall. Weather warning information is available on the met office website

You should make yourself aware of any assets such as drainage culverts, ditches, ponds, grids or brooks that could cause flooding to your property if they were to become blocked. If safe to do so an inspection of these assets should be made before any anticipated heavy rainfall so that concerns can be reported and dealt with before an incident can occur.

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