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Engagement and Participation Strategy: 2023-2027

We have developed a new Engagement & Participation Strategy in line with the Local Government & Elections (Wales) Act 2021 that outlines how we plan to engage with you effectively and encourage participation to inform and improve our decision making.

Our Engagement and Participation Strategy has four high-level objectives that set out how we aim to achieve effective engagement and participation throughout the Council.

Objective 1: To mainstream effective engagement and participation approaches across the Council

Objective 2: To ensure that we engage with the people of Blaenau Gwent in the most effective, collaborative way

Objective 3: To actively encourage our communities & future generations to participate in council decision-making activity

Objective 4: To maintain best practice in engagement & participation and keep up to date with the latest innovations to help support our communities

Giving you the opportunity to share your views, thoughts and ideas is very important to us in making sure that we run effectively as a Council that meets your needs, to make informed decisions that improve the access, quality, and delivery of services.

How can you take part?

You can take part in many ways:

Timeframe to respond:

The consultation will be open until Sunday 31st March 2024.