Care Inspectorate Wales

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) is carrying out an assurance check of services for adults with a learning disability in your area.

The purpose of this assurance check is to review how well the local authority is exercising duties and functions in line with legislation.

We want to hear about your experience of asking for and/or receiving information, advice and assistance and we will try to understand what difference receiving services has made to you and/or your family.

CIW is not checking up on you or your family and you do not have to share any personal information with us. If you want to remain anonymous, we will make sure we do not identify you. However, if you tell us about someone being abused or neglected, we have a duty to share the information with others to prevent further harm. 

At the end of the assurance check we will share our findings with the local authority. We will identify strengths and any areas for improvements.

Your views are important to us, and we hope you will agree to speak to us. This could be via a telephone conversation or a video call. You may also want to complete a short survey. If you are happy to do so, please click on the appropriate link.

Confidentiality will be respected unless the safety of a person is compromised by the withholding of information. For more information on how we use your personal details, please see our Privacy Notice at

If you have any further questions or concerns, please either telephone 0300 790 0126 or e-mail us at