Free Low vision assessment For Unpaid carers & the person they look after

The Gwent Strategic Carers Partnership have been supporting unpaid carers in the Gwent region in many ways; one area of which is in primary care. We have worked with GP’s, pharmacies and dentistry and are now looking at ways in which we can support carers with poor eyesight.

If you have low vision or a sight impairment, there is an opportunity for you to have a free low vision assessment. This applies to carers and the person they care for (all ages)

What is low vision
Low vision simply means not being able to see as well as most other people even when you’re wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Low vision assessment
If you or the person you care for already has a vision impairment or low vision, or are registered as either sight impaired or severely sight impaired, a specially trained and accredited Low vision practitioner can help you make the best use of the sight you have. They can undertake an assessment of your vision. In some cases, home visits can be made.

The assessment is designed for you and the Low vision practitioner to:

  • discuss your eyesight condition and the difficulties this may present in your day to day life;
  • give practical advice about how to best manage with home lighting and seating;
  • talk to you about what you would most like help with, such as reading cooking instructions, watching television, dealing with medicines or tablets, completing schoolwork, or even working on hobbies;
  • consider trying out a number of different low vision aids such as handheld or stand magnifiers, typo scopes, task lights, electronic magnifiers, shields and/or reading stands etc. specific to your requirements; • decide between you which (if any) low vision aids may best help you and how to use them to best effect.

These will then be ordered free of charge for you to take home on loan for as long as you may need them.

If you have low vision and need an assessment, please contact Brona Oakerbee email: in the first instance