Open Data (Open Government Licence)


We publish a range of data that you can download and reuse, under the terms of the Open Government Licence 3.0 (OGL 3.0). This explains what you can and cannot do with the data.

There are Datasets available on several pages of the Council’s website. We are currently reviewing this in order to create a central index of datasets to facilitate access to information.

It may be necessary to remove (redact) some data. For example, personal information that could identify an individual, or information that is commercially sensitive. We do this to comply with the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act.

We take care to ensure that the data is accurate. However, you should make your own checks before relying on the data.

File formats

Where possible and relevant, we have made this data available in both a 'human-readable' format (such as PDF and XLS) and an open, 'machine-readable' format that is not dependent on any specific software (such as CSV or XML). Appropriate formats are chosen for each dataset.

FOI (Freedom of Information) 

Read how the council deals with freedom of information requests and how to make a request.

Contact Information

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