Executive Members

  • The Executive consists of the Leader (a Councillor appointed annually by the Council) and 4 other Councillors (also appointed annually by Council).
  • Each Executive Member is given a Portfolio which relates to a departmental function although there are some ‘cross-cutting’ areas.  The Executive Member should provide political leadership in the portfolio and provide political direction to policy development within the portfolio;
  • The Portfolios are echoed by a Scrutiny Committee. The Executive Member is not a Member of that Committee, but can participate by invitation only.  The purpose of an Executive attending Scrutiny is to be questioned by the Committee on specific items on the agenda.  The Executive Member is not in attendance to ask questions of the officers.
  • The business of the Executive is published in a forward work programme which is linked to the priorities of the Council and items in the Scrutiny Forward Work Programmes. 


Executive Committee 2020 - 2021

Leader / Executive Member - Corporate Services

Councillor N. J. Daniels

Deputy Leader / Executive Member -  Regeneration & Economic Development

Councillor D. Davies

Executive Member - Education

Councillor J. Collins

Executive Member - Environment

Councillor J. Wilkins

Executive Member – Social Services

Councillor J. Mason