Cabinet Members

  • The Cabinet consists of the Leader (a Councillor appointed annually by the Council) and 4 other Councillors (also appointed annually by Council).
  • Each Cabinet Member is given a Portfolio which relates to a departmental function although there are some ‘cross-cutting’ areas.  The Cabinet Member should provide political leadership in the portfolio and provide political direction to policy development within the portfolio;
  • The Portfolios are echoed by a Scrutiny Committee. The Cabinet Member is not a Member of that Committee, but can participate by invitation only.  The purpose of a Cabinet Member attending Scrutiny is to be questioned by the Committee on specific items on the agenda.  The Cabinet Member is not in attendance to ask questions of the officers.
  • The business of the Cabinet is published in a forward work programme which is linked to the priorities of the Council and items in the Scrutiny Forward Work Programmes. 


Cabinet Committee 2024 - 2025

Leader / Cabinet Member - Corporate & Performance

Councillor Stephen Thomas

Deputy Leader / Cabinet Member -  Place & Environment

Councillor Helen Cunningham

Cabinet Member - People & Education

Councillor Sue Edmunds

Cabinet Member – People & Social Services

Councillor Haydn Trollope

Cabinet Member - Place & Regeneration and Economic Development

Councillor John C Morgan