Blaenau Gwent Petitions

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council welcomes petitions and recognises that they are one way in which individuals, community groups and organisations can express their views and concerns about something for which the Council is responsible. The Council’s Website also includes a number of other ways you can get involved in the democratic process.

Petitions can be submitted to the Council in written form or via the e-petition process. Petitions will not be accepted from other on-line petition systems.

Before submitting a petition please ensure you have followed the requirements as set out in the Council’s Petitions Protocol.


What is a petition?

Petitions are one of the most direct ways to suggest how something could change in Blaenau Gwent. Petitions can:

  • Raise awareness of an issue;
  • Bring about a change in Council policy or a different way of delivering services;
  • Lead to, or influence, a debate in the Council;
  • Prompt a Committee or individual Member of the Council to take further action themselves, for instance by asking questions.

Before submitting a Petition, residents are encouraged to:

  • Contact the Council to see whether an ordinary service request would resolve the issue.
  • Contact a relevant ward Member (s) to see whether they can help. Details on how to contact your local Member are available on the Council's website.

Petitions can be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • E-petitions can be created, signed and submitted using this link
  • To create, sign or submit a petition you will need to provide a few basic details, including a valid email address, for verification purposes.
  • Petitions can also be sent via email to – Committee.services@blaenau-gwent.gov.uk 
  • Paper petitions can be sent to:


The Head of Democratic Services

Democratic Services Section

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

General Offices

Ebbw Vale

NP23 6DN


Data protection and GDPR

If you create and submit an e-petition or sign an e-petition you will be asked to provide personal information. Personal information is also needed when you sign a paper petition.

The Council is the data controller for personal information collected for both e-petitions and paper petitions. The following link is to the Council website regarding Data Protection and Privacy  Data Protection & FOI | Blaenau Gwent CBC (blaenau-gwent.gov.uk)

Following a period of 21 days after the Council has responded formally, a paper petition will be destroyed and all e-signatories on an e-petition will be erased, unless during that period, the petition organiser has requested a review.


Current ePetitions

An e-Petition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions and supporting information to be made available to a potentially much wider audience than a traditional paper based petition.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in the area can submit or sign an e-Petition.

E-Petitions are part of the Council’s ongoing commitment to listening to and acting on the views of the public.

Select an earlier date range below to find completed e-Petitions and responses from the Council.


There are no current ePetitions.

 Supporting an e-Petition

To support an existing e-Petition choose an e-Petition and add your name, address and email address.

To find out more about the issue, see the supporting information, provided by the lead petitioner, attached to the e-Petition.


Submitting an e-Petition

An e-Petition can relate to any issue on which the Council has powers or duties or on which it has shared delivery responsibilities through the Local Area Agreement or other partnership arrangement.


This Council accepts no liability for the petitions on these web pages. The views expressed in the petitions do not necessarily reflect those of the providers.

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