Stray or Lost Dogs

Dog Warden Service

Our dog wardens patrol the borough and respond to complaints about straying dogs. Last year we seized 58 stray dogs. All dogs that are not claimed by their owners are re-homed through national re-homing centres.  We only put to sleep dogs that are seriously ill or injured or cannot be re-homed due to their age or for behavioural reasons.  The Council uses local kennels to house the dogs prior to re-homing or re-uniting with their owners. 

If you lose a dog:

Call us on (01495) 357813 and we will register your details and the details of the dog.  We will cross match these details with those dogs we have already seized.  You should also contact local vets or the police and you could also spread the word in your local area. We also now post up details of any dogs we have found on our Facebook page -  

If we have your dog:

If we have your dog in our possession you will have to pay a fee for its release.  The current fees are as follows:

Number of Days in Kennel

Release Fee

Up to 24 hours after impounding


2 days


3 days


4 days


5 days


6 days


7 days


From the 6th April 2016, it is a legal requirement that dogs should be microchipped with up to date details. The Council will utilise all details obtained from a microchip to identify and inform a dog owner that their animal has been collected as a stray. However, all dogs that have been collected will be taken to the Council’s  kennels where a fee will need to be paid to release the animal.

If you dog is not microchipped, then you will need to ensure this is done within 21 days of your dog being released from the kennel and you will need to provide the Local Authority with evidence that this has been done.   

You will need to pay all of the release fee by telephoning 01495 357813 before your dog can be released.  

If you find a dog

Phone us with as much information as possible. We will the either collect the dog at your home address if you have it in your possession or attempt to locate and catch the dog should it still be straying. Our kennels no longer operate an out of hours service, if you find a stray dog out of office hours, then if possible you should hold onto the animal until the next working day when a dog warden will contact you to arrange a home visit to collect the animal. If you are unable to do this, then please release the animal at the location where you have found it as it is likely that the dog will make its own way back to its home address.

Report a stray Dog

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Contact Information

For further information please contact

(01495) 357813

Outside Office Hours  - Please call (01495) 311556

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