Flytipping and Waste Enforcement

What is Waste Enforcement?

Waste Enforcement is taking legal action against people that flytip and dump waste. Enforcement Officers gather information and evidence to convict people that break the law.

Why do we take legal action?

Flytipping and dumping rubbish or waste is illegal. We are committed to protecting the area that we live in. Flytipping makes our local areas look dirty, untidy and unloved. It costs the Local Authority thousands of pounds every year to clear.

How do we take legal action?

Frontline Enforcement Officers will investigate incidents of flytipping and dumped waste.

If there is enough evidence, we will issue a fixed penalty notice or go to court for a prosecution. A successful conviction can result in a fine of up to £50,000, a criminal record and or a prison sentence.

What are we doing to prevent flytipping?

  • In 2021 we issued 18 £400 fixed penalty notices against flytippers
  • In the first 2 quarters of 2022 we issued 30 £400 fixed penalty notices against fly-tippers
  • We use our data and information to identify flytipping hotspots
  • CCTV equipment is installed throughout Blaenau Gwent to help identify offenders
  • Improving the understanding of flytipping and litter by:
    • Educating children of school age
    • Raising awareness of how to recycle and dispose of waste correctly