Abandoned Vehicles

The Council is responsible for the inspection and removal of abandoned vehicles on public land and public roads.

Abandoned vehicles on private land are the responsibility of the landowner. However, if they are causing a nuisance, the Council can serve notice to remove it.

What is an abandoned vehicle?

While there is no legal definition of an abandoned vehicle, the Council may consider a vehicle to be abandoned if it has one or a combination of the following characteristics:

  • Untaxed with no Current Keeper on DVLA records
  • Significantly damaged, run-down or unroadworthy
  • Burned out
  • Lacking one or more of it’s number plates
  • Contains waste
  • Stationary for a significant amount of time
  • A vehicle never to be returned to

Just because a vehicle is in poor condition or not taxed does not necessarily mean that it is abandoned and on occasion additional enquiries may have to be made to establish whether or not the vehicle is abandoned before we can remove it. 

You can check if a vehicle is currently taxed by using the following link: 


If a vehicle is un-taxed you should report this to the DVLA.

If a vehicle is on private land we must first serve a 15-day notice on the landowner. Once the 15 days have expired the vehicle will then be treated as if on the highway.

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction on the highway or is thought to be stolen or involved in a crime, please report it to Gwent Police on 01633 838111.

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

To report an abandoned vehicle and for us to action your complaint quickly  we need to know:-

  • the location of the vehicle
  • how long has it been there
  • the make and colour
  • the registration number
  • if it is taxed and if so when it expires
  • the general condition of the vehicle

To report an abandoned vehicle please phone C2BG on (01495) 311556 or report online via our online service. (Please note: the form will not work with Internet Explorer. Use a browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari).

If a notice has been placed on your vehicle or to claim a vehicle please phone (01495) 357813.

To report an untaxed vehicle please contact the DVLA on 08000 325 202.