Planning Enforcement

One of the main functions of the planning system is to control development and the use of land in order to protect the environment. 

Occasionally new development takes place or the use of land or buildings may change without planning permission having first been granted. 

How do I make a complaint?

If you think that there has been a breach of planning control / legislation we would be grateful if you could contact us for advice in person, by telephone, email or in writing. Please provide us with as much detail as possible about the exact nature of your concern. The details we require are: 

  • The exact location of the site
  • The nature of your concern
  • Your contact name and address
  • Any relevant information / other interested parties  

What action will be taken?

Once a complaint has been investigated one of a number of things may happen: 

  • If it is established that there is no breach the file will be closed
  • If a breach is established, we will seek to negotiate a satisfactory solution and encourage the submission of a retrospective planning application
  • If no planning application is submitted and depending on the severity of the breach, the Council will carefully consider whether further action will be taken for example service of a formal notice, might be necessary. However if it is decided that no formal action is to be taken the breach will be recorded and revealed on a future property search which can delay future sales.  

Issues that cannot be enforced

Some examples are provided on matters which cannot be enforced via planning legislation or other regimes: 

  • Matters relating solely to the emission of noise, smells, dust and other forms of environmental pollution, unless involving a breach of condition.
  • Obstruction of any road or right of way.
  • On street parking problems
  • Party Wall Act disputes
  • Matters relating to private rights of access, neighbour and boundary disputes. These are matters of civil law and advice should be sought from a solicitor.
  • Matters relating to the restrictions imposed on a property by a covenant. As above, this is a matter of civil law and advice should be sought from a solicitor. 

Further information can be found in the Enforcement Policy.

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