Hearing Session 9

Hearing Session 9: Agriculture and Significant Landscape Area Designations - Friday 29 June 2012

Issues and matters to be discussed

Examination Statements 

Examination Statements
Reference Document Name  Submitted by 
ES9.1 Agriculture PaperBlaenau Gwent County Borough Council 
ES9.2Significant Landscape Area PaperBlaenau Gwent County Borough Council
ES9.3 Examination Statement Hearing Session 9  Countryside Council for Wales  

Examination Statement Hearing Session 9 - Agriculture and Significant Landscape Area Designations (PDF) 


Matters Arising

Matters Arising
ReferenceDocument Name Submitted By
MA9Matters Arising from Hearing Session 9(PDF) Inspector
MA9.RMatters Arising Response (PDF)BGCBC