Direct Food Support Fund Application

The application process closed at 5pm on the 15th of January 2024. No further applications can be accepted at this time. 

Welsh Government has provided funding to support an increased number of people facing food poverty by strengthening existing community food initiatives across the authority including a focus on activity that helps to address the root causes of food poverty.

The funding should support organisations to:

  • access, store and distribute additional supplies of food, including good food surplus,
  • boost their capacity to provide good quality, nutritious food to their customers. 
  • be used in a variety of ways to meet the requirements in each authority, for example but not limited to, purchasing fridges, freezers and cooking equipment. 
  • provide specialist support for initiatives such as outreach work, training for volunteers (e.g. food handling qualifications) 
  • build community resilience through the development of community hubs which co-locate a range of support services such as money and housing advice, built around community food provision such as food banks, community cafes and pantries. 
  • develop or strengthen projects such as social supermarkets, community cafes, lunch clubs and community cookery classes
  • support community food organisations that are experiencing difficulties in operating effectively, for example but not limited to, expenses such as overhead costs, volunteer expenses or support to meet additional costs incurred as a result of increased demand such as those relating to additional deliveries. 

Allocation of this funding will be subject to an application process. The application will need to detail what the funding will be used for and subsequently evidence the desired outcomes that we would like the projects to achieve from the funding. 

The maximum grant awarded will be £2,000 per organisation/group. 

To make an application please click here. to apply. - 

If you need any further information or support with completing this application please contact or

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