Immersive Classrooms

Welcome to the future of learning

Schools have faced lots of challenges; attendance, access, connections.

That’s why we want to bring innovative immersive digital learning to individuals and groups across the country, through a variety of technologies that form part of our digital fabric solutions.

The potential is endless. With access to greater bandwidth, students and educators can livestream from any location with minimal disruption and connect many more devices than on previous networks.

Teachers can go far beyond traditional methods, too. Think 360-degree projection mapped spaces, utilising all four walls and bringing the real world to the classroom.

Critical thinking. Problem solving. Collaboration. Immersive classrooms can facilitate the development of these skills equally among a full room of students.

Inclusivity is key. Harnessing this new technology can also help students with learning difficulties, who prefer to retain information through interactive experience. 

If learners are engaged, there’ll ultimately be an improvement in student retention rates.

The technology means they can travel anywhere in the world – from the safety of a classroom.

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