Recruitment of Panel Members for School Admission Appeals

We are looking for volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to make a difference in the lives of children and young people by becoming members of the Blaenau Gwent Independent Appeals Panel for school admission appeals.  

If a child is refused a place at a school, due to the year group being full/oversubscribed, a parent/carer can appeal that decision.  The Independent Appeals Panel will meet to consider information from both the school, and from the parent/carer to decides whether or not to award a place at that school in accordance with the Welsh Government School Admission Appeal Code. 

These Panels sit regularly throughout the year, the busiest period being between May and September.

Appeal hearings are held during the day and can be held either in person or remotely via MS Teams software.  Appeal Panel Members do not receive payment for sitting on the Panel, although travel expenses are reimbursed, and refreshments are provided.

No special qualifications are necessary as all new panel members will receive full training before taking part in an appeal with refresher training being provided every year.

The Education (Admission Appeals Arrangements) (Wales) Regulations 2005 as amended (‘the 2005 Regulations’) set out the requirements for the constitution of appeals panels with each panel consisting of a minimum of three people. We are looking for members from either of the required categories:

  • Lay member – those without personal experience in the management of any school or the provision of education in any school (people with experience in education in a voluntary capacity or as governor would be permitted).
  • Education member - if you have experience in education, or knowledge of the educational conditions in the local authority area, or are a parent of a registered pupil at another school.

Appeal panels consist of three members who will be required to:

  • Advise of their availability for the appeal hearings
  • Prepare for the appeal hearing by reading the documentation provided to them prior to the appeal hearing
  • Attend the hearing to consider the admission appeal ensuring that it is conducted fairly, transparently and impartially
  • Follow the Welsh Government Schools Admissions Appeals Code when making decisions to uphold or dismiss the admission appeal

Panel members are supported by a trained clerk at all hearings to ensure that the correct procedures are followed as set out in the Welsh Government Schools Admissions Appeals Code.

Please note that you will not be eligible for appointment as a member of the Independent Appeal panel if you are:

  • Any member of the Council (e.g. Councillors), or of the Governing Body of the school in question.
  • Anyone, other than a teacher from another school, employed by the LA or by the Governing Body.
  • Any person who has, or who has ever had, any connection with the LA or the school (e.g. former members of the Governing Body), or with any member or employee of the LA or Governing Body such that doubts might reasonably be raised over his or her ability to act impartially regarding the LA or the school.  Employment by the LA as a teacher is not in itself a reason for disqualifying someone from membership – unless there is another reason to call into question their ability to act in an impartial manner.
  • Any person who was party to, or took part in, any discussions regarding the decision not to admit the child or young person about whom the appeal is concerned. 

In the first instance, please send an expression of interest to