Councillors support working with housing developers to provide investment

The Education & Learning Scrutiny Committee has today supported a report outlining how the Council will work with housing developers to ensure, where required, a financial contribution is made to enhance school provision in the local area.

A Section 106 Agreement is an agreement between the local authority and a developer that the developer will make a financial contribution to ensure that schools in the area are equipped to accept the increased pupil numbers. The contribution applies to developments of over 10 new homes, including any affordable housing.

The funding is to make sure that the schools likely to be the recipient of additional pupils as the result of any development could be extended or remodelled to accommodate these places, and create suitable learning environments for children and young people.

Councillor Joanne Collins, the Council’s Executive Member for Education, says:

“We all want to see new housing being developed, and it’s wonderful to see money being invested here in Blaenau Gwent. We also need to make sure our schools are fit for purpose, and where appropriate we will work with developers to help fund any required works and to enhance the great work we are already doing to modernise the school estate and create learning environments fit for our children and young people.”

The funding can be used for purposes including:

• The provision of new classrooms/learning environments
• The replacement of existing demountable facilities with permanent facilities
• Improvements and refurbishments to provide additional capacity
• The provision of additional facilities necessitated by the additional demand
• The creation of a new school building if warranted, based upon the size of the development

Read the report here.