Audit and Inspection

Every year local authorities are subject to a number of reviews by our statutory external regulators; Audit Wales, the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) and Estyn. Audit Wales are responsible for examining how we manage and spend public money, (including how they achieve value in the delivery of public services) and how well local authorities are planning for improvement.

An overview of each local authority’s findings are published by Audit Wales within their Annual Improvement Report. Blaenau Gwent’s Annual Improvement Reports can be viewed below:

Annual Improvement Report 2021 

Annual Improvement Report 2020 

The Council has robust procedures in place, which allows our Governance and Audit Committee to ensure any recommendations/proposals for improvement that are made by our external auditors, are acted upon appropriately.

Details of the Audit and Inspection Reports can be viewed on the following websites:

Home | Audit Wales

Home | Care Inspectorate Wales