Scrap Metal Dealers Licensing

Do you buy, sell or collect Scrap Metal?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force on 1st October 2013.  The new legislation will require that any persons collecting, buying or selling scrap will require a Scrap Metal Dealer’s Licence that will be issued by this Council.  There will be a charge for this licence.

Who Needs to Apply?

A site licence - If you have a site where you carry on a business as a scrap metal dealer within Blaenau Gwent Council area then you will need to apply for a site licence to operate that site. This site licence will also allow you to transport scrap metal to and from other licensed sites from any Local Authority area.

A collector’s licence – If you operate as a mobile collector of scrap metal within Blaenau Gwent Council area then you will need to apply for a collector’s licence.  This licence does not allow you to collect from any other Local Authority area, you will need to apply for a licence at each Authority area within which you wish to operate.

What legislation governs this application?

A Summary of the Act Governing this Licence.

Do I have to pay an application fee?


Site licence grant - £507
Site licence renewal - £351
Collectors licence, grant or renewal - £387
Collectors licence renewal - £367
Change of site manager - £37
Vary Site Licence - £126
Replacement licence - £28

How is my Application Processed?

An application needs to be made for your licence and a fee will be payable to the Council. You will also need to submit a basic criminal record disclosure form no older than a month old as part of the application process. Any persons who carry out business as a scrap metal dealer without a licence may be liable on conviction to maximum fine of £5,000.

Please note these do not replace the Waste Carrier’s Licence. To collect scrap in the Blaenau Gwent area you will be required to hold a scrap metal dealers’ licence issued by the Local Authority and a Waste Carrier’s Licence that is issued by the Natural Resources Wales. 

How long will it take to process my application and will implied consent apply?

Any applications received after 1st December 2013 will be processed within 28 days. Implied consent will not apply.

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Can I appeal if my application fails?

Please contact the Licensing Team in the first instance regarding any returned or refused licence applications.

Consumer Complaint

Should you wish to make a complaint please contact the Licensing Team.

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