Procurement process

All of our business is procured using a competitive process, whether it is comparing quotes for low cost purchases or going through the formal tender procedure for higher priced contracts. 

Our first step is to establish whether or not the goods, works or services are covered by an existing contract or framework. If they are, then we must use that supplier, if not, then the value of the contract has an effect on the procurement process as detailed below.

A contract value is determined by estimating the value of the goods, services or works required and the duration of the requirement. 

Contract less than £5,000.

A purchase of this value will need at least two quotations to determine value for money.

Contract between £5,001 and £25,000

Contracts of this value are not normally advertised but require at least three quotations. 

Contract between £25,001 and £75,000

Contracts of this value are normally advertised via the Council’s E-tendering portal (EtenderWales) and require at least four written quotations.

Contract between £75,001 and Public Contract Regulation Thresholds

Goods & Services £213,477 (including VAT)

Works £5,336,937 (including VAT)

Purchases of this amount will normally be advertised on Sell2Wales and EtenderWales and require a minimum of five formal tenders or selection from an Approved List where an appropriate list exists.

The Public Contract Regulations

Contracts with a value above certain thresholds are subject to the procedural rules defined in the Public Contract Regulations 2015.

Goods and services

The current PCR threshold for Goods and Services is £213,477 (inc. VAT)

If a contract is above the PCR threshold, and is not exempt then the Regulations will apply. These Regulations set out the timeframes and requirements for each stage of the process. Tenders for Goods and Services over this amount must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) via the Sell2Wales website and Etenderwales and are subject to a formal tendering process.


The current PCR threshold for Works (Construction related) contracts is £5,336,937 (inc. VAT). Tenders for Works over this amount must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) via the Sell2Wales website and EtenderWales and are subject to a formal tendering process.

The European Union (EU) threshold

Contracts with a value above certain thresholds are subject to the procedural rules in the EU Procurement Directives (Public Contract Regulations 2015)

Invitation to tender

If you enter the tender process, you will have access to the following documents;  

  • Instructions to tenderers 
  • Specification of the goods, works and services required 
  • Criteria for selection 
  • The period of contract 
  • The terms and conditions of the contract 
  • Details of tenderer and references 
  • Tender Questionnaire 
  • The price schedule or others if appropriate, e.g. information schedule 
  • Form of tender 
  • Any additional information considered appropriate to ensure the council receives best value for money.  

How to prepare your tender

Please read the documents carefully and provide all of the requested information. If you have any queries, you should raise them with the contact officer identified within the tender documentation. Please make sure that you submit your completed tender by the due date.

When considering purchasing, we have to allow a prescribed or reasonable amount of time for prospective suppliers to respond, and for us to carry out our evaluations. This process can take several months to complete. 

Award of Contract

If you are successful with your tender submission you will be notified in writing and may be requested to sign a form of agreement. All unsuccessful tenderers will be informed and provided with details of who won the tender and how their submission compared with the winning bid. When a contract is awarded, we would work within our contract procedure rules, which promote good procurement practice, public accountability and deter corruption. 

Terms and conditions

All tenders are subject to terms and conditions. 

More information

If you have goods or services that you think a department would be interested in buying, then you should contact that department. Please remember that the corporate procurement team oversees projects and offer advice and support on procurement matters, but it is up to a department if they are interested in your goods or services.

Contact Information

Lee Williams - Corporate Procurement Manager
Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
General Offices, Steelworks Road, Ebbw Vale, NP23 6AA