Sustainable Communities for Learning – Community Focused Schools

Sustainable Communities for Learning - Community Focused School programme


In 2022 Welsh Government announced that an allocation of funding was available to all Local Authorities to deliver against this objective.

 The ‘Programme for Government – Update’ commits the Welsh Government to:

‘Invest in the learning environment of Community Focused Schools, co-locating key services, and securing stronger engagement with parents and carers outside traditional hours.’ This is a key part of the wider policy for tackling the impact of poverty on educational attainment to ensure high standards and aspirations for all.

Welsh Government developed guidance around the development of Community Focused Schools in Wales.  Community Focused Schools [HTML] | GOV.WALES

Welsh Government want there to be a shared understanding of the vison and a clear understanding of the guidance.

Therefore, these definitions help to explain what we mean when we use the following terms:

  • Families – a support system of parents, siblings, relatives and other persons focused on the well-being of its members.
  • Parents – people with parental responsibilities, for example mothers, fathers, foster carers, adoptive parents, step-parents, ‘kinship’ parents and grandparents.
  • Community – those within the local area but also all those who are interested in and affected by the quality of education. Many of our communities are geographically, culturally and socially diverse but still share social connections and a great sense of cynefin (belonging) through the school, their children and their families.
  • Parental involvement – parents taking part in school life and community.
  • Parental engagement – parents actively supporting their child’s learning.
  • Home Learning Environment - including the physical resources available at home, but also the quality of the learning support from families.
  • Diversity – all the ways in which people differ, including protected characteristics.
  • Equity – allocating resources as needed, through a personalised approach, to create equitable outcomes for all.
  • Inclusion – ensuring everyone feels welcomed, supported, respected and valued.
  • Collaborative leadership – leadership which includes all stakeholders to ensure shared voice, decision making and goals.

Why we want to develop Community Focused Schools

  • We want all schools in Wales to be Community Focused Schools:
  • building a strong partnership with families
  • responding to the needs of their community
  • collaborating effectively with other services

All children and young people should be well prepared for their future lives. This is the aspiration of the Curriculum for Wales; enabling them to become ambitious, enterprising, ethical and healthy, supporting their careers, relationships, health and well-being. There should be equity in education and all children and young people should be supported to overcome barriers and fulfil their potential (Welsh Government, 2022, ‘Children and Young People’s Plan’). This means supporting children and young people to develop a wide range of skills, experiences and dispositions that enable them to thrive.

The school has a key role in achieving this, but the home environment and the wider community are also significant influences. By working collaboratively across school, home and the community we can support our children and young people more effectively. Welsh Government believe every child, every family and every community have strengths to build upon, so by working in partnership with Local Authorities, we are better able to find solutions that meet the needs of the individual learner and their family.

Blaenau Gwent Projects delivered under Community Focused Schools

Beneficiaries 2022/23 Beneficiaries 2023/24 Beneficiaries 2024/25
  • Resurfacing of Brynmawr Foundation School Running Track
  • Tredegar Comprehensive IT suite and Pathway to fields
  • Pen y Cwm Special School outside provision
  • Ebbw Fawr Learning Community – Primary Phase community space
  • Rhos y Fedwen primary school
  • Brynmawr Foundation School
  • Cwm Youth Centre/Primary School
  • Youth Centre/Abertillery 3-16 learning community Secondary Campus


More information to follow.

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