Becoming Bilingual Overview

When people ask us what is our nationality, the majority of us say Welsh but in reality not many people can speak the language. Many of us say we wish we could speak it but when your older it can take longer to learn another language.

A child can pick up the language far quicker than an adult. Welsh-medium Education is available to everyone. By choosing Welsh-medium education it gives your child the opportunity to become bilingual in Welsh and English.  

Welsh Government are committed to growing the Welsh Language and hope to achieve 1 million more Welsh speakers by 2050. To support this, they have made available funding via grants to Councils to provide access to Welsh-medium education.

The aim of this booklet it to answer questions, address concerns and state the advantages of being bilingual.

This booklet also maps a clear path for your child through the school years from nursery, to primary and secondary schools and beyond.