Local Development Plan (LDP) First Review

In order to ensure that the development plan is up to date, Local Planning Authorities are required to undertake a full review of their LDPs, 4 years from the date of adoption.  The Blaenau Gwent LDP triggered a review in November 2016.

Targeted engagement with key stakeholders was undertaken, including both internal engagement with specialist council officers and external engagement with a range of local organisations, statutory consultees and organisations. This involved both formal consultation on a Discussion Paper and the holding of a stakeholder workshop. The findings from the formal consultation exercise and the stakeholder workshop are both reported in the Consultation Report - Review.

Review Report

The review was based upon the findings of published Annual Monitoring Reports, significant contextual changes and updates to the evidence base (Background Papers and SA Framework Review) and on-going surveys.

The review resulted in the production of a Review Report.  The Review Report identifies a need to revise the LDP following the full revision process and will involve reconsideration of the strategy and an extension of the Plan period.