Adoption Support Services

The Adoption Support Team within SEWAS provides support to adoptive families, birth relatives of adopted children and adopted adults.

Adoptive Families

At the time a child is matched with adopters an assessment and plan of any adoption support needs will be prepared.  This may for example include specialist equipment, therapy, practical support and help with contact arrangements or in exceptional circumstances financial support.

The provision of adoption support services is not just limited to the time of the adoption but extends into the future too.  For the first three years from the adoption order this will be provided by the adoption agency that placed the child, after three years from the adoption order the support needs are assessed by the area adoption agency that the adopters live in.

Support for Families Leaflet

Birth Families

It is recognised that birth parents and other relatives may need support when a child’s plan includes adoption. Birth relatives can access support throughout and after the adoption process. The worker from adoption support is independent of the child’s social worker so the support is individual.

Birth Relatives Leaflet

Letterbox contact

Adopted children and their birth families can have indirect contact via the letterbox system within SEWAS. Advice, guidance and support with letterbox is available from the Adoption Support team.

Letterbox leaflet

Adopted Adults

Adopted adults (aged 18 and over) can refer themselves to SEWAS if they wish to access their Adoption information.

Adopted Adults Leaflet 


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