Ecology & Planning

What our Ecology and Biodiversity Service Does

As a land owner, regulatory body and leadership organisation in the wider community, the Council has a range of responsibilities aimed at protecting and enhancing biodiversity.

Scope of Ecological and Biodiversity Service

  1. Provide advice ensuring compliance with wildlife legislation across Council Functions and Services
  2. Contribute to the working and objectives of the Biodiversity Partnership including the formulation and implementation of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan.
  3. Advise on Biodiversity Action Planning across Council Services, especially Council owned land in accordance with the Council’s biodiversity duty under the Environment Act (Wales) 2016
  4. Contribute to the Wildlife Sites Partnership, including the selection, amendment and management of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs)
  5. Provide advice on Development Control issues relating to:
    • Planning Applications (including pre-application advice)
    • EIAs and Environmental Statements
    • S106 Agreements/Planning Obligations
    • Enforcement
    • Planning Appeals
  6. Respond to strategic consultations from Central Government Departments and bodies, e.g. Natural Resources Wales/Welsh Government
  7. Provide specialist input into strategic planning such as the Local Development plan, Green Infrastructure and Transport Planning
  8. Provide a general ecological information and advice service for the Council, consultants, developers, businesses and the general public.
  9. Implement Biodiversity related projects across the Borough linked into the Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

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