Debt Advice

If you are having difficulty in paying your Council Tax do not ignore the situation. This will lead to you having to pay further costs and charges on top of what you already owe.  We want to avoid this happening so please act now and get in touch with us on  01495 356010.

Please click the external links on other organisations that can help and offer free confidential and independent advice on financial difficulties and money management.

The Citizens Advice Bureau are available at the Civic Centre to provide advice every Monday excluding bank holidays.

There is a drop in session between 9am - 1pm.

Appointments are available between 2pm - 5pm, please ring 01495 292659 to arrange an appointment.

Below is a useful link to the Citizens Advice Budgeting Toolkit. Use this budgeting tool to help you understand:

- what you’re earning and spending
- where you might be able to cut costs

Please find out more about Debt advice from Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.