How to make a claim

If you are entitled to it, Housing Benefit and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme helps pay towards your rent/Council Tax if you are on a low income. The amount that you can get is worked out by looking at: 

  • How much money you have coming in
  • your personal circumstances and the amount of rent you have to pay
  • the amount of savings you have
  • the income from other household members

Try this benefit calculator to see what help you can get. 

To speak to someone from the Benefits Section please contact us on 01495 311556 or email between the hours of:  Monday: 9am – 5pm, Tuesday: 9am - 5pm; Wednesday: 9am - 5pm; Thursday: 10am - 5pm; Friday: 9am - 5pm.

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, you may also be entitled to claim free school meals for any children you are responsible for. 

The benefit scheme applies to anyone paying rent who resides in: 

  • housing association accommodation (these tenants may be affected by under occupation restrictions)
  • tenants living in privately rented accommodation (the allowance for these tenants is known as Local Housing Allowance.
  • Tenants living in a hostel
  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme applies to anyone who is liable to pay Council Tax

If you claim Universal Credit, this will include your housing costs which means you will not need to make a separate claim for Housing Benefit.

For more information please click on link to Universal Credit.

You will still need to make a claim for Council Tax Reduction if you are in receipt of Universal Credit 

Contact Information

Name of Team: Housing Benefits

Telephone : 01495 311556