Aspire Apprentice Scheme Blaenau Gwent

Celebrating the First Year

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council’s Aspire Apprentice Programme has today celebrated the first year of its programme.    

The Apprentices have completed the first year of the programme and the event today was an opportunity to celebrate and congratulate the apprentices for their achievement.

Also present were the second year apprentices who have enrolled to start the programme, which will commence in a few weeks. 

The day compromised of the apprentices talking about their first year of experience, followed by certificates and a presentation to celebrate their achievement. 

A number of apprentices spokes about what they have achieved and how well they have got on with the scheme.  This was also an opportunity for the new apprentices joining this year to hear about the experiences from other apprentices and host employers.   

Aspire commenced in September 2015 and in the first year 19 apprentices enrolled with host employers to undertake an apprentice scheme to allow the students to study and learn on the job. 17 of these apprentices will now progress onto year 2.    

Matthew Malloy enrolled on the Aspire Apprentice scheme last year and spent the first year in college full time whilst working with his host employer during holidays. From September 2016 he will be at his host employer full time, spending 1 day per week at college to complete his full BTEC diploma in mechanical engineering.

Matthew Said:   

“Personally I have enjoyed this year in college and the weeks that I have worked. I have made unforgettable memories with the unforgettable friends I have made in college. It has been a great experience overall. The tutors are great and very supportive with helping us throughout the year. The support from aspire is also great. Graham has come to multiple reviews with us at college and is constantly checking that everything is going good with us and helps if there are any issues that we may have.  He also ensures that the work I do in college and at work in Sears is compatible with one another.
“The weeks I have worked so far in Sears has been great. It's very exciting the new experience working with a team and working on a variety of different aspects in the factory. The support from Daryl and the line manager Damon is excellent always checking how I am throughout the day and if I am unsure always willing to help.

Jim McIlwee, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council said:

 “Congratulations to those who have completed the first year of the scheme and good luck to them in the second year as well as to the new students that will be starting soon.  The Aspire Shared Apprenticeship Programme is a fantastic scheme to help up-skill, support and provide employment opportunities for people in Blaenau Gwent.  I am pleased that the programme has started so well.  We are now recruiting for the September 2016 programme, and further information can be obtained from the Aspire team; “

The programme will now commence the second year of recruitment for students and host employers. 

For further information or for opportunities, contact: Tara Lane–01495 355236  / 07805759903 or Graham Rees 01495 355871 /07814458045


For more information:

Nazia Akhtar
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Louise Bishop
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Sean Scannell
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