Track the Act 2018/19

Track the Act 2018/19

This survey is for carers to give their views on the rights they have received under the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014

A carer is someone who looks after a friend or family member and is not paid to do so.

The Act intends to transform the way that social care services are delivered in Wales. In particular:

  • There is a duty that local councils must provide an information, advice and assistance service with information on care and support and provide advice on where to access support
  • Where it appears that you have a need for support as a carer (either now or in the future) a right to an assessment of your needs
  • The right to request a carers needs assessment
  • The right for you to state if you are willing and able to continue in your caring role 

Since the implementation of the Act two years ago, Carers Wales through the Track the Act survey have asked carers whether these rights are happening in practice, in an attempt to monitor progress across all local council areas in Wales. The results from the first three briefings have been used to raise awareness and campaign on your behalf to make these new rights a reality. The latest Track the Act briefing can be found here.

We need to continue the momentum and are grateful to you for helping us by completing the survey.