Six Bells Nursery Pupils asked to self-isolate

A nursery pupil at Abertillery Learning Community’s Six Bells Campus has received a positive text for Covid 19. The following have been identified as contacts and will need to self-isolate for a period of 14 days with the first day of isolation being 17th October 2020.

• Nursery Class – 38 pupils
• 2 members of staff

The pupils and other affected parties have been contacted by the school. All other unaffected pupils and staff will attend school as normal. Contract tracers will be working to establish any other contacts of the pupil.

Procedures are already in place within all Blaenau Gwent schools to limit group numbers and pupil contact, coupled with enhanced cleaning regimes. There is no need for anyone who has not been contacted to self-isolate or be unduly concerned. Only the child needs to self-isolate, and not siblings or family members. If symptoms develop within the household everyone must then self-isolate and arrange for a test for the person who is symptomatic -

You can find more advice about self-isolation at -

All residents are encouraged to remain alert to Covid-19 and continue to follow the latest national guidance to help combat the spread of the virus.

School staff remain vigilant to pupils displaying any symptoms, and are ready to take appropriate action. Parents, carers and guardians can support this by remaining alert and ensuring that children do not attend school if they develop any potential symptoms, however mild.