NHS Provision for Flu immunisation for domicilliary care workers in 2019-2020

Welsh Government have determined to extend the free NHS vaccination in 2019 - 2020 to all staff working in the domicilliary care sector.

All staff employed by domicilliary care services as described above and who are in regular contact with vulnerable adults are eligable. The majority of these staff will be providing direct personal pr clinical care to these people in their own homes. All employers are expeected to take a planned approach to identifiying staff in regular contact with clients and confirm their eligability to community pharmacies as outlines below.

Flu vaccines for health and social care workers

Health and social care workers with direct patient/client contact are recommended to have annual vaccination to protect themselves and those in their care.

You have a responsibility to protect your patients/clients from infection. This includes vaccination against flu.

Vaccinating health and social care workers also helps reduce the level of sickness absences and contributes to keeping the NHS and care services running. This is particularly important when responding to winter pressures.

Staff working in adult care homes and children’s hospices with regular client contact are offered NHS flu vaccination and this can be accessed via community pharmacy.

Health care employers, including primary care contractors, must actively promote the positive benefits of flu vaccination to workers by giving staff balanced and factually correct information in a timely manner.

Staff working in adult care homes and children’s hospices with regular client contact are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination from their local community pharmacy.

PowerPoint Presentation - How to access FREE NHS flu vaccination for Domiciliary Care Staff

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