Newport event marks Black History Month

A Black History Month event will be held at the Riverfront in Newport on Monday 15 October (10am-4pm).

Co-ordinated by Race Council Cymru and part-funded by Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert and Arts Council of Wales, the event will focus on ‘Icons of Black Wales’ and hate crime awareness.

There will be performances, live music, panel discussions and networking opportunities as part of the event.

Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert, who will speak at the event, said: “This event offers a wonderful opportunity for us to recognise and showcase the very best of Gwent’s proud black culture.

“Gwent is an area rich in diverse culture and history. This event not only allows us to reflect and celebrate individuals from the past, but also identify and praise those in today’s society who contribute to making Wales a better place for everyone to live.

“Sadly, racism and discrimination still occur within Gwent. Events such as this encourage communities to come together and share in the things that unite us, whilst appreciating those cultural differences that make us unique. I am delighted to support this event and I look forward to seeing everyone on 15 October.”

Black History Month takes place in the UK throughout the month of October, and anyone can put on a celebration of black history to mark the occasion.

Black History Month Wales is an organisation that engages, educates and empowers people in recognising the contribution that the African Diaspora has made in the history of Wales’ economic and cultural development.

Gwent Police Chief Constable Julian Williams said: “Events such as this allow the wider community to take part, learn and celebrate our global history. The ultimate goal of Black History Month is to see meaningful activities happening all year round and the Riverfront event will highlight this.
“Locally, we are continuing to work with GEMA, our ethnic minority staff association, to build positive relationships with our BAME communities and highlight some of the good work that we are doing.”

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