New Household Waste and Recycling Centre Work Continues

Recent drone images show how the £2 million site covering 10,750 m2 site is developing.

The focus of the Council has been on dealing with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic over the last few months.

But work is still progressing well on the construction of the new Household Waste & Recycling Centre in Roseheyworth, Abertillery. This will be the second site in the county borough and will be open to residents six days a week. It is expected to be completed by the end of September 2020.

Recent drone images show how the £2 million site covering 10,750 m2 site is developing.

The  flagship recycling centre will be a significant asset to people in Blaenau Gwent. It is purpose-built to enable residents to recycle and reuse their rubbish safely and efficiently. The site will provide a full suite of recycling services to take items like sofas, white goods such as freezers, fridges and washing machines, all free-standing furniture including tables, chairs and wardrobes, plus carpets and underlay.

The centre has been designed with easy access in mind with a long entrance road for HWRC users to prevent queuing onto the highway, significantly more parking capacity and the design incorporates disabled spaces, pedestrian access and electric charging points for cars. 

Funding for the development has been provided by Welsh Government. The centre has been designed by the Council’s Technical Services teams.

Councillor Joanna Wilkins, Executive Member for Community Services says:

“I am pleased that work on this modern and accessible facility is progressing well and construction is on target to be completed in the autumn. This welcome site will make it even easier for our residents to recycle more of their household waste. The investment is part of our waste strategy and one of a number of long term measures the Council is undertaking to meet Welsh Government’s increasing recycling targets. The new centre will also feature a furniture re-use facility where residents can donate items that are in good condition and free from defect so that they can be bought and re-used by someone else. I look forward to it being completed and open to residents later this year.”

As part of off-site improvements associated with the new development, a new traffic signal facility will be provided at the A467/Roseheyworth junction.