'Keeping up with the Joneses' recycle campaign

If you don't recycle, you need to start now or you may face a fixed penalty

That’s the clear message we’re putting out as we launch the second phase of our ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ campaign, focussing on those few households that currently recycle very little or nothing at all.

The approach will see a renewed effort to get the minority of households that don’t yet recycle to start now.

The cost to the Council of not recycling is significant, but also completely avoidable. When items that could be recycled end up in the bin, everyone in the community loses out.

Residents can even ask for a member of the Council’s team to visit them in their home, to show them how to sort and recycle their rubbish. This service is especially important to support the most vulnerable people within our communities.

If any households ignore the support offered and continue to recycle very little or nothing at all, the Council will issue fixed penalty notices. This means the resident must pay a fixed penalty of £100 or appear in court.

We are urging those that don’t recycle not to wait for a warning letter, but to get started straight away. You can contact us now to find out:

  • What you can and can’t recycle

  • What day of the week your recycling (and any other leftover rubbish that can’t be recycled) will be collected

  • What bags, bins or boxes you may need if don’t already have them and where to order them for free using our website www.blaenau-gwent.gov.uk/en/resident/waste-recycling/

  • What support the Council can give you – we’re here to help if you have any questions!

Keeping up with the Joneses leaflet.