Recycling Plastic Film Trial

Recycling your plastic bags and wrapping – an update on our recent trial

Many thanks to those of you that participated in our recent 12-week trial in some areas across the borough, which aimed to see how we can recycle your plastic bags and wrapping. This trial ended on Friday 30 July 2021.

What should I do now?

Since the trial ended, we’ll no longer be collecting any sacks you fill with plastic bags and wrapping. Until we understand how successful the trial has been and how we might take this forward, please go back to placing your plastic bags and wrapping in your black bin or black bags for non-recyclable waste.

If you’d like to continue recycling your plastic bags and wrapping at this time, you may take these items to your local recycling centre. Please remember to book a visit if you plan to visit your local recycling centre.

What happens next?

This trial aims to discover if what we collect from you can be recycled into new products, such as Bags for Life and bin bags. It also aims to increase our recycling rates by recycling more of the waste we collect from your home, understand if this material can be recycled within the UK, and work out if we can roll out a new permanent kerbside collection for these items alongside your usual recycling collections.

We will work with WRAP Cymru to analyse both the amount and quality of the plastic bags and wrapping we collected from you and review the feedback many of you gave us by filling in our survey.

Prize draw results!

Thank you again to those of you that told us what you thought about the trial by filling in our survey. We’re pleased to announce that Mr Thomas from Tredegar was randomly selected from all the survey entries received and won the £50 Love2shop Gift Card.
Thank you again for doing your bit for the environment and helping to protect our planet by continuing to recycle all that you can.

If you’ve any questions about the trial, please send us an email at or call us on 01495 311556.