School Action

If your child requires support for special educational needs and is in an early years setting, this is called Early Years Action. If they are in school it is called School Action. 

What is Early Years Action/School Action? 

The school or early years setting will tell you when they think your child has special educational needs. Your child’s teacher or the ALN Coordinator will collect information from you and other people who work with your child. They will discuss with you what extra or different help is needed. This is called Early Years Action or School Action and it is a school based stage of support that will not need the involvement of anyone other than yourself and the school. 

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be set up and the school will discuss this with you. 

The IEP will include information about:  

  • what your child needs to learn
  • how this will be taught
  • who will help
  • when the plan will be reviewed 

Targets will be agreed based on the needs of your child. The school will review the IEP at least twice a year and ideally every term. Wherever possible, your child should be involved in the review process and the setting of new targets. If your child is not involved directly then his or her views should still be considered. 

The school should always tell you how they are helping your child and what progress is being made. 

Early Years Action / School Action will continue until it is no longer needed or it is decided that your child needs additional support at Early Years Action Plus / School Action Plus.